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” I have worked with Paul for several years now and I can truly say that he has a genuine passion for helping families. His professionalism and character are impeccable, and he maintains this reputation with his clients and colleagues by being honest, dependable and principled. I have enjoyed working with Paul, and learning from him as a fellow attorney who is always quick to offer guidance and solutions. Some families may have anxiety going in to the adoption process not knowing what to expect, and Paul does a great job with easing concerns and keeping the families informed along the way.” –

Sara Goodrum, Arkansas Attorney

“My name is Jeanna Smith, Executive Director of Hope Embraced Adoption Agency.

I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to work a long side Paul in helping fulfill the desires of many to grow their family. I understand that the adoption process can be frightening and even scandalous at times. I know that there are people in this field of work that do not truly care about birth parents or adoptive parents. However, Paul Petersen does; he is one of the few that do things right.

Specifically regarding Marshallese adoptions, Paul has lived in the Marshall Islands and knows their language and culture. Birth mothers have trusted him with their unborn children and have placed with him a second time if the need arose. Many people worry if the birth mothers truly know what they are doing, again, Paul speaks their language and he also has great interpreters around the country that help to be sure everything is explained thoroughly, and she knows what she is doing.

Having an ethical attorney who genuinely cares for families is something of priceless value in today’s world. Paul, thank you for all you do, and for genuinely caring about these birth mothers. I look forward to matching more of our families with you. ” –

Jeanna Smith

“We had the opportunity to work with Paul and Megan when we adopted our son in 2013. I cannot say enough good things about our experience. They helped make everything as easy as possible. Our questions were answered in a timely manner and our birth family was treated with so much love and respect, which was very important to us.

We adopted our daughter, who is a full biological sibling to our son, in 2014 and opted to do it privately. Going through the experience alone was more difficult than expected and it made me appreciate all that Paul and Megan did to help us with our son.

We didn’t fully understand the legal process which caused a lot of headaches through the private adoption. We ended up staying in the birth state for 22 days with our private adoption vs 8 days when we worked with Paul and Megan. The financial side of adoption is hard. It makes for uncomfortable situations and conversations. Having Paul and Megan take care of all the financial aspects in our first adoption made it so much easier to just spend time getting to know our tummy family. Adopting privately was more difficult and uncomfortable when it came to financial matters.

We love everything about our family story. We have had so much love and support from the entire extended birth family and we love them all so much. I’m forever grateful to Paul and Megan for their help in finding us our family. –

Jordan and Kalli

“I almost wish we were adopting again, just so I could be in contact with you awesome people. Thank you for all you two do to bring families together. It has been a pleasure:

I don’t know how to put into a brief few paragraphs everything that my family and I have experienced through the miracle of adoption in the last 3 1/2 years. It is a story where our dreams have come true, and it’s a story of love and heartache.

I first came in contact with Paul Peterson in the spring of 2014, when a friend of a relative told me about him. Immediately, I knew I had to know more. I contacted him, and before my husband got home from work that day, the relative who had told me about him was texting my husband telling him “Congratulations”. That is how confident I felt in the brief time which I had talked to Paul and asked him all of my questions. He never once made me any promises, except that he would do his best to help unite us with our baby, if it was God’s will.

A few months later, we received a notice from Paul that we had been matched with an expectant mother. He forwarded contact information for us to reach out to her, which we did. A bond of friendship and an even stronger bond of family had begun.

A little while later, during an ultrasound, it was discovered that our baby girl had the possibility of some serious heart conditions. With further testing, the outlook looked grim to say the least. Paul and Megan were both so good to help us through this now complicated and very emotional decision of “now what?”. There were times that we thought that we just needed to pass this adoption up and move on to another match. Paul gave us every opportunity to let us know that we weren’t under any obligation to stay with this match, and he would work to find us another match if that were our decision. He encouraged us to use our faith and pray about what we should do, which we did. He was no longer just our lawyer, but had become our friend in his concern for us and our families wellbeing. We decided that this baby was our daughter, regardless of a diagnosis – and we would love and care for her. This required that our expectant mother come and live with us in our home state so that baby could be born close to where we live so the same doctors who cared for her at birth could follow her throughout her life. Paul arranged to help get her here and helped get us set up with an attorney that was in our home state. He went above and beyond his job as our attorney, with compassion and concern to make sure that he could help in any way possible. Once our expectant mom was with us, he could have washed his hands of us. However, he continued to call and check in on us and our Tummy Mommy.

Our precious baby girl, Keilani, underwent her first open heart surgery at 10 days old with both of her mothers comforting each other in the waiting room. Our sweet baby girl survived for 6 months and 2 weeks, and we continue to have a very close relationship with her Tummy Mommy.

I really did not think that we would have reason to work with Paul and Megan again, thinking that Keilani was our last. However, after some time we began to feel that just maybe we should reach out again. Again, we were matched with another expectant mom and dad, more family members to love. We had a wonderful experience in Arkansas with our new birth family, and with Megan. She was very helpful and organized, not to mention a fun and loving personality which helped us to feel relaxed and calm. Everything couldn’t have gone better.

While we were waiting for our second baby girl to be born, my husband and I felt very strongly that we needed to tell Paul that if there was some strange circumstance that came up, that maybe he didn’t have a solution for – to keep us in mind. We didn’t know what that meant, and I don’t think he did either. When our second baby girl was 6 days old, he contacted us with that “strange circumstance”. He had an expectant mother who had reached out to him for help in placing her baby. However, the laws where she was living would not allow her to do so because she did not have parents to sign (she was a 17 year old orphan). He asked how we would feel about another birth mom coming to live with us and essentially going through the whole process on our own again, like we did with Keilanis birth mom. Our state allowed for her to place a baby without parental consent, and having a birth mom living with us and getting her set up with doctors etc. was familiar turf for us.
So when our second daughter was just a couple of weeks old, our third birth mom came to join our family. She and her friend were with us for 5 weeks. Again, Paul no longer was our attorney once she came to our state. However, he went the extra mile and continued to help wherever and whenever possible. He continued to check in with her and with us. It is very helpful that he can speak to our birth families in their language of Marshallese.

We now have three birth families, two of which have lived with us and have had to switch attorneys mid-pregnancies. Both of those two I have sat by their sides as they met with other attorneys and as they went to court and relinquished their rights. Both of these birth mothers, I have asked them some hard questions of why they are choosing to place their babies for adoption. Both of these birth mothers have had hard questions asked of them by their new attorneys and the judges. Not once did either of them say that they were made any financial promises or forced in any way to place their babies. Both of these birth mothers understood what adoption meant before they even came to live with me. Both of them had had everything explained to them by Paul, and were not faced with any surprises. Both of them made smooth transitions to different attorneys, without any questions or eyebrows raised by anything that had been done with the adoptions before it was turned over to them. I believe that all three of our birth families have had a good experience with Paul and Megan. I can’t speak on their behalf, but I have only heard good things from them, and I have nothing but praises from us.

Thank you Paul and Megan for making a difference in the world. Thanks to all of your work, we now have 3 beautiful babies and 3 fantastic birth families that rock our world.”

Nichole Crawford

Our story…….In the blink of an eye we became a family of four. Our son Gage, soon to be four, was destined to be a big brother. We felt that our family wasn’t yet complete but, we weren’t sure how to fill the space. We had been given Paul’s contact information from a small adoption agency here in Wyoming. With a prayer and hope we sent him an email in the Fall of 2017. Mid Winter, February (we think) we got an email about a potential match. So fast, so exciting, was this an answer to our prayers, how do we get everything in place, this sweet baby was due in May, Mother’s Day to be exact. Having adopted before we knew there were lots of hoops to jump through and stacks of papers to get in place. Paul assured us that if we could get our Home Study updated and everything else in line before baby was due that all would be well. This match was a good one for us, the birth mother liked our profile and he felt we were a good match. Through the help and hard work of many people we were able to get our home study, back ground checks and everything situated in just a little over a months time. Paul and Megan were amazing at keeping us updated and in contact with our birth mother through Lynwood. We were able to get to know our birth mother a bit better through text messages and Facebook, the language difference didn’t seem to matter. As someone who worries about every little thing and having gone through a failed match experience two years prior, I was very nervous about each step and kept waiting for something to go wrong. Everything went perfectly short of missing the arrival of our baby. (She decided to arrive a week early!) Megan, Paul and Lynwood kept in contact, all of our paperwork was ready to go and with each doubt or fear, they reassured us that all would be well and it was. Our baby was born in Mesa, AZ and the hospital staff at Banner Gateway couldn’t have been more professional, caring or accommodating. Everyone involved in this adoption was simply amazing. Knowing that our birth mother had communication in her language so that she fully understood everything was very comforting. Also knowing that her health and well being as well as that of our baby were of up most concern and priority to Paul and his team was also very comforting. This adoption experience has been such a blessing and if given the opportunity and financial ability, we would 110% adopt again through Paul and his team. Their attention to detail, genuine care and concern for everyone involved makes the adoption process as smooth as possible for all. We are so blessed to have this sweet baby girl in our family. Trust your heart, set your fears aside and place your trust in this amazing team and when you are holding your sweet baby in your arms you will look back and wonder why you ever worried.
With much love and appreciation,

The Peterson Family- Michael, Wendi Linn, Gage and Adelinn

“​In 2016, we had two biological sons but knew that God had a plan for us to adopt.  Neither of us had any adoption experience so we felt completely overwhelmed and clueless! Through many spiritual experiences, we were led to Paul and Megan.  The instant we spoke with Paul, we knew that he was going to lead us to our baby!  We told him we were ready to move forward and we were matched in two weeks!! Our sweet baby girl, August, was born six weeks after that!
Throughout our whole experience,  Megan and Paul helped us to always feel at peace, which is so important because adoption is sure a roller coaster!  We had never been so nervous in our lives as we walked into the hospital to officially meet our birth mother and new daughter.  Megan met us there and put us at ease and helped everything run so smoothly.  The paperwork, birth mothers comforts and needs, bills and all our questions were handled so well and we just had the best experience in the world!

We can not thank these two enough for bringing our incredible daughter and her birth mother into our family.  We will always be eternally grateful! ​”​

Trevor and Chelsee Pulham

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