A private (or independent) adoption is one that occurs without the direct involvement of a 3rd party — such as an adoption agency or a state agency. Many times, however, an attorney, such as myself, will assist couples looking to adopt in finding a suitable match of a birth mother. This can be done as long as your state allows this type of adoption arrangement (45 states do) and as long as you have a completed home study in your home State. I have found success as an independent adoption attorney because of the many resources/contacts I have in Arizona, Arkansas and Utah with birth parents who contact me looking for assistance in matching them with a couple or person wanting to adopt. I also have numerous contacts with social workers and other adoption professionals across the United States who have assisted me in the past with my clients.

how do I get started?

Email us a profile filled with photos that represent your life-style and family. A digital profile is best! If you need assistance with this you can visit for help, or contact us and we can recommend a professional. Also, please e-mail us your Home Study and Background Checks. In addition, let us know if you have a preference on adopting a boy or a girl. Once we receive these items we will put you on the “waiting list” and from then on please patiently wait for us to reach out to you with any opportunities.

what are the costs involved?


Every prospective match with a birth mom is unique, so an accurate cost estimate is not possible until a specific birth mom’s needs are assessed. I charge a flat fee once all facts are taken into consideration. The average cost of an adoption through my law firm is $30,000 – $40,000, which covers the birth mother’s monthly expenses, prenatal and delivery medical expenses and assistants and office expenses. The only other costs you may incur are: hiring a local attorney to finalize your adoption, travel costs and baby’s medical expenses.

What does a home study involve?


Before we can consider you for a match opportunity you will need to have a current home study. What is a home study? A home study is an independent investigation to verify your suitability as adoptive parents. A home study is valid for one year and can be updated easily. In most States, only a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW), or a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who is supervised by an LCSW, is legally empowered to conduct and prepare home studies. Specific requirements for home studies vary by state and agency, so be sure to ask for a list of the items and information your agency or social worker needs. The purpose of the home study is to evaluate the fitness of a prospective adoptive family and evaluate and prepare them for the adoption process. During your home study, the social worker will gather comprehensive information about you and your spouse, your personal and family histories, your current physical, mental, and financial situation, your home and community environments, and your motivations, attitudes, and preferences concerning adoptions.


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